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Personal Xenite Stats

Preferred Pairing: Xena & Gabrielle

Other appreciated pairings:
  • Xena and Ares
image image

Top favourite epsiodes:

  • Callisto
  • One Against an Army
  • RoC
  • When Fate Collides
  • God Fearing Child
  • Coming Home
  • Fins Femmes and Gems
Most displeasing episodes:
  • FIN2
  • Married With Fishsticks
  • Key to the Kingdom
Preferred Characters:
  • Xena & Gabrielle
  • Callisto
  • Ares
  • Autolocus
  • Joxer
  • Borias
  • Ceasar
  • Ephiny
  • M'Lila
  • Laoma
Favourite Moments:
Callisto - Ladder Fight & "Promise me.."
ITaDIH? - "Don't leave me.."
SAC2 - "No more living for you!"
The Deliverer - Gabrielle's first kill
image image
Family Affair - "I searched for you."
A Good Day - "Gabrielle!"
Past Imperfect - Borias' death (such a teary moment ;( )
Ides of March - Gabrielle kicking ass!
God Fearing Child - Delivering Eve
Heart of Darkness - HOD dance
image image
When Fates Collide - "I'll love you forever."
FIN1 - Showing of the pinch
Favourite Villain: Callisto
Other appreciated villains:
Favourite 'for the day' Xena costume: This is a really tuff one. I'm still deciding, but for the moment it's the wear from Between the Lines.

Favourite 'for the day' Gabrielle costume: that one in Who's Gukhan, I also really like the blue dress from The Haunting of Amphipolis, but this one has the added hairstyle. Gives it an extra polished look IMO.

Favourite non-Greece setting:

Favourite offspring of Xena: Solan (Orphan of War / Maternal Instincts)

Favourite relative of Xena: Lyceus

Favourite relative of Gabrielle: Lila
[ If you'd like to get a complete synopsis of any episode, please visit : Xenaville]

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Which Xena: Warrior Princess Woman Are You?
You're Xena! The woman with a dark past who has commited her life to helping others, Xena is incredibly smart, strong, passionate and brave.
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Zaudeens Web Creations

Xena Warrior Princess site, Xena Gallery Realm, illustrating some Photoshopped graphics, most obtained from Mikes Images.

I used to really like the show Roswell, not as much as my beloved Xena Warrior Princess, but still, I created this little spot really to keep a master copy of the music played on the show. There were times when songs played in episodes and I really liked the song and had hell finding the song. So when I found a community thread listing the songs from each episode, I decided to web the data, by creating the site, Roswell Gatherings. Yes, I linked back to the thread in the Credits section. :)

Playlist Needed

1. Crash Into Me - Dave Matthew's Band
2. Satellite - Dave Matthew's Band
3. Did You Disappoint Your God - Neva Dinova
4. Far Away - Nickelback
5. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams
6. Such Great Heights - Postal Service
7. Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie
8. The End's Not Here - Band of Horses
9. Neela Drifts - Brian Tyler
10. Colour Blind - Counting Crows
11. Damaged - Plumb
12. Nobody's Home - Avril Lavigne
13. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
14. It's Not Easy Being Me- David Grey
15. The Wish - Josh Canova
16. My Favourite Game - Cardigans
17 . Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman
18. Angel - Sarah Mclachlan
19. I'd Rather Dance - Kings of Convinience
20. Post Blue - Placebo
21. Away - Breaking Benjamin
22. Break My Fall - Breaking Benjamin
23. The Finish Line - Snow Patrol
24. Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette
25. Headlock - Imogen Heap
26. Blue Light - Bloc Party
27. Read My Mind - The Killers
28. Death of the Interior Decorator - Death Cab for Cutie
29. Sway - Perishers
30. Destiny - Zero 7

Current Infatuation

Depending on my mood, an artists' work or some other situation, I get all go-go_ga-ga over a particular artist. At this moment, I currently admire the work of:

Kristanna Loken


You can see the lovely Kristanna in PainKiller Jane, Terminator 3, The L Word, Blood Rayne and more... :)

Other artists:
Sarah Shahi (actress)

Lauren Hoffman (singer)

All three I have only recently seen their work. Well except for Kristanna, who I initially saw in Terminator 3. Didn't know her name then though. Sorry Kris. Anyhow, lets see how long this lasts. Hehe. It may change soon, and then they'd just go down in the books of favourite artists. Same place where Lucy and Renee are at. :)

February 6th, 2008.

Amazing Graces

Zaudeen has 79 Amazing Graces

Data Zaudeen

My Priorities: God/family/friends, pets and music.

Activity: Taekwon-do

Job Experience: CAS eAPIS (former) / Graphics Artist / Student of North China Electric Power University.

Proud Caribbean
image image image image image image
Country of my mother's, brother's and myself's birth.
West Indian / Caricom Flag.
Caribbean Community
Country where I was raised & my best friend was born.
Father's country
Other best friend's flag.
2008 Caribbean shinning star.

My Hobbies:
Programming, graphics & web designing, Xeniting.

All time favourite televison show:
Xena Warrior Princess / Bewitched

Other good shows that ended:
Dark Angel
Gilmore Girls
PainKiller Jane

Shows that I currently watch:
One Tree Hill [Probably my favourite current show.]
Prison Break

Most favoured musical genre:
Rock (mainly Indie)

Good Movies:
Joseph (Ben Kingsley - 1993)
10 Commandments (1956)
Sound of Music (1960)
Gone With the Wind (1939)
Joan of Arc (Leelee Sobieski - 1999)
Titanic (1995)
Grease (1978)
Cruel Intentions (1999)
Meet The Parents
Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
Moulin Rouge (2001)
How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
Maid In Manhattan
Miss Congeniality
The Matrix Trilogy

All Walt Disney Classics 2 dimensional:

Bambi, Snow White, Pocahontas 1, Beauty and the Beast 1, Lion King 1 & 2, Aladdin 1 & 2, Aristocats, 101 Dalmatians, Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Pinocchio name it.

Passionate Beliefs

  1. Rape is murder, taking something by force from someone can murder their soul too.
  2. Deer, bear and other type of wildlife hunting is not a sport, it's murder.
  3. Circuses may be for some of us, a watchful pleasure, but for the elephants and other animals it's torture.
  4. Patting a horse after just beating it to win you a race, is not an act of gratitude.
  5. There must be some necessary war to have the needed peace.
  6. Smiling to a stranger, most often will return you a smile.
  7. Love IS the only thing that can save the human race.
  8. Racism is judging someone without knowing the facts.
  9. We are all looking for ONE thing in this world, some of us have only blinded ourselves from the truth.
  10. Success is happiness found through honesty and integrity.
  11. Dolphins and whales are warm blooded mammals like man, to kill them is to kill your kind.
  12. We cannot choose to love someone, we can only choose to act on that love.
  13. The eyes are the windows to someone's soul.
  14. If you like to smoke, then do it in your own privacy. You're intoxicating the rest of us who try to avoid the stuff.
  15. Everyone has only 2 paths obtained from only 2 choices.
  16. Doctors heal the body, but friends heal the mind.
  17. A waste / garbage collector cleans the wounds of the earth. Don't add to the wounds by littering.
  18. Healing the world, starts with first healing ourselves.
  19. No matter what we think, violence from the media does affect us.
  20. It's not just family first, but love first and you will have a family.

Do animals love the way humans do?
It depends on the species. I think it's fairly obvious that animals such as insects do not feel love - they don't have a complex enough brain to deal with such emotions. Many 'higher' animals, however, form deep attachments, including exclusive pair bonds. In group-living species, such bonds can be vital to their survival. Grey wolves are a good example - they frequently show affection towards each other, and have been observed to mourn when a member of the pack dies (they cease play for around 6 weeks, and howl often as though calling to the missing individual). They mate for life, and if one of the pair dies, occasionally the other may be so distressed that it stops eating until it too dies. This behaviour can also be seen in their descendants, domestic dogs - I'm sure everyone's heard of cases where a dog whose owner has died has pined away itself. Indeed, anyone who's ever had a pet dog or cat will know that these animals love their human family members.

Anyone who claims that no animals have emotions of any kind has obviously never spent much time around them, or even observed them closely. Emotions are important for survival. When a zebra runs from a lion, that's fear - fear is an emotion. Without it, the zebra would simply stand there and get eaten. A mother animal defending her young clearly has feelings for those young. There is an obvious hatred between certain animals, such as lions and hyenas - they often attack each other on sight, or seek out and kill each others young, which is clearly not a simple case of fighting over food. It is both ridiculous and incredibly arrogant to suggest that human beings are the only species of all the millions on this planet in which emotions, including love, have evolved.

Posted by: Leolupus

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